October 2015 Network Time Protocol Daemon (ntpd) Vulnerabilities in Multiple NetApp Products

circle-check-alt This advisory should be considered the single source of current, up-to-date, authorized and accurate information from NetApp.


Multiple NetApp® products contain the Network Time Protocol daemon (ntpd). The Open NTP project (www.ntp.org) has released a Security Notice regarding vulnerabilities that affect versions before ntp-4.2.8p4. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to modify data, execute arbitrary code, cause a process crash or Denial of Service (DoS).


Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may lead to data modification, arbitrary code execution, process crashes or Denial of Service (DoS).

Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode is affected only by CVE-2015-5300, CVE-2015-7704, and CVE-2015-7705.

Vulnerability Scoring Details

CVE Score Vector
CVE-2015-5300 3.7 (LOW) AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7691 3.9 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:N/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7692 3.9 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:N/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7701 3.9 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:N/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7702 3.9 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:N/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7703 5.3 (MEDIUM) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:C/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7704 3.7 (LOW) AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:N/A:P/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7705 3.7 (LOW) AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:N/A:P/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7848 3.9 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:N/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7849 5.3 (MEDIUM) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:C/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7850 3.9 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:N/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7851 4.5 (MEDIUM) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:P/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7852 3.4 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:P/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7853 5.0 (MEDIUM) AV:L/AC:H/Au:M/C:C/I:C/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7854 5.8 (MEDIUM) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:C/I:C/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7855 3.9 (LOW) AV:N/AC:H/Au:M/C:N/I:N/A:C/E:U/RL:U/RC:C
CVE-2015-7871 5.4 (MEDIUM) AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:P/E:U/RL:U/RC:C

Exploitation and Public Announcements

NetApp is aware of public discussion of this vulnerability.


Affected Products

  • Clustered Data ONTAP
  • Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode
  • OnCommand Balance
  • OnCommand Performance Manager (Unified Manager Performance Pkg)
  • OnCommand Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP

Products Not Affected

  • 7-Mode Transition Tool
  • ATTO FibreBridge
  • AutoSupport, MySupport,support.netapp.com
  • Brocade Fabric Operating System Firmware
  • Brocade Network Advisor Software
  • Brocade Network Operating System Firmware
  • Cluster Network Switch (NetApp CN1610)
  • Clustered Data ONTAP Antivirus Connector
  • E-Series SANtricity Management Plug-ins (VMware vCenter)
  • E-Series SANtricity OS Controller Software 8.x
  • E-Series SANtricity Storage Manager
  • E-Series SANtricity Web Services (REST API) for Web Services Proxy
  • FAS/AFF System Firmware
  • FlashRay
  • Host Utilities - SAN for ESX
  • Host Utilities - SAN for Unix and Linux
  • Host Utilities - SAN for Windows
  • MetroCluster Tiebreaker for clustered Data ONTAP
  • Multipath I/O (Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO)
  • NetApp Cloud Backup (formerly AltaVault)
  • NetApp Manageability SDK
  • NetApp NFS Plug-in for VMware VAAI
  • NetApp Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup
  • NetApp SANtricity SMI-S Provider
  • NetApp SMI-S Provider
  • NetApp Storage Encryption
  • NetApp VASA Provider for Clustered Data ONTAP 7.2 and above
  • OnCommand API Services
  • OnCommand Cloud Manager
  • OnCommand Insight
  • OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft
  • OnCommand System Manager 9.x
  • OnCommand Unified Manager for 7-Mode (core package)
  • OnCommand Workflow Automation
  • Open Systems SnapVault Agent
  • RAID Controller CTS2600 Legacy Engenio
  • Service Processor
  • Single Mailbox Recovery
  • Snap Creator Framework
  • SnapCenter
  • SnapDrive for Unix
  • SnapDrive for Windows
  • SnapManager for Exchange
  • SnapManager for Hyper-V
  • SnapManager for MS SQL
  • SnapManager for Oracle
  • SnapManager for SAP
  • SnapManager for Sharepoint
  • SnapProtect
  • Storage Replication Adapter for Clustered Data ONTAP for VMware vSphere 7.2 and above
  • Storage Services Connector
  • StorageGRID
  • StorageGRID Webscale
  • System Setup
  • Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere 7.2 and above

Software Versions and Fixes

NetApp's currently available patches are listed below.

Product First Fixed in Release
Clustered Data ONTAP https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/ontap/9.0
Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode has no plans to address this vulnerability.
OnCommand Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/oncommand_cdot_win/7.0/
OnCommand Performance Manager (Unified Manager Performance Pkg) https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/oncommand_pm/7.1/
OnCommand Balance OnCommand Balance has no plans to address this vulnerability. See the EOA announcement for more information.


None at this time.

Obtaining Software Fixes

Software fixes will be made available through the NetApp Support website in the Software Download section.



Customers who do not have access to the Support website should contact Technical Support at the number below to obtain the patches.

Contact Information

Check http://mysupport.netapp.com for further updates.
For questions, contact NetApp at:

Technical Support
1 888 4 NETAPP (1 888 463 8277) (U.S. and Canada)
+00 800 44 638277 (EMEA/Europe)
+800 800 80 800 (Asia/Pacific)

Status of This Notice


This advisory should be considered the single source of current, up-to-date, authorized and accurate information from NetApp.

This advisory is posted at the following link:

Revision History

Revision # Date Comments
1.0 20171004 Initial Public Release
2.0 20180122 OnCommand Balance moved to Won't Fix status
3.0 20180129 NetApp VASA Provider for Clustered Data ONTAP 7.0 and above moved to Products Not Affected
4.0 20180730 Final Status

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